posted on 16/06/2016

Robis Salvation is now sold

posted on 14/06/2016

Lewis Shadow has now been sold.  We also have a newly refurbished Custom Multicarbon II for sale

Robis Salvation
posted on 14/06/2016

Ziemel ghall-bejgh ghadu jigri barra - jghaddi Premier

New Horse for Sale
posted on 11/06/2016


New Horse Going Young arriving in Malta next Saturday - last victory for him on 24th May 2016

For Sale
posted on 08/06/2016

Alfrida Dream has been exchanged with Lewis Shadow - details in our Horses for Sale section. - Ideal for racing at the Old Track

Ziemel tat-Tpartit - Lewis Shadow - tajjeb ghall-Korsa l-Antika

New Mare For Sale
posted on 19/05/2016

New Mare for sale - arriving next week 

posted on 03/04/2016

Global Princess is now sold

New Mare For Sale
posted on 31/03/2016

check out our for sale section - new mare arriving with the next trip

posted on 11/03/2016

Tornedeau is now sold